supercheapblog“Nobody who ever bought a drill actually wanted a drill, they wanted a HOLE!” -Perry Marshal

So if you want to sell drills, Start a Blog to provide tips and resources about the best way to make holes, not about drills.

A Personalized Blog Post is much more believable than a Sales Page!

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I can show you step-by-step how I set this blog up and then you can put whatever content on yours that you think other people can use. To get my 5 page mini-manual with all the details and no fluff or filler Click Here

When I started talking to friends about this project to sell my version of drills, the question that kept coming up was, why super cheap when there are so many places you can blog for free?

The simple answer is, CONTROL

It does take a certain amount of effort to get a blog set up and start getting traffic to it, so why risk losing all your work for the sake of saving $1.33 a month? I would suggest that if money is that tight for you, shut off your computer and start pounding the streets for any kind of job you can find. Better yet, use your new Blog to finance itself with what it can earn for you.

I chose this topic for my blog, because I meet so many people in various online communities that don’t realize they can do this for almost nothing and all the help they need is available for free.

I started this blog for $3.17 to register the domain name for the first year with GoDaddy and a $12 deposit with NoSupportLinuxHosting for a year of hosting ($1 a month).

I earned more than $16 in the first month, so now I have the rest of the year to prove to myself it can do even better. If that sounds like something you would like to keep tabs on, fill out the form on the bottom of this page so I can email you with progress reports or any new changes.

Just keep in mind, I am not doing this to produce six figures a month (like some blogs do), but I think it will be fun and I plan to learn from the experience.

You Are Invited To Come Along For The Ride!

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